service provider
When your network is used by thousands of customers, 24 hours a day it is not an option to allow failures or security breaches to cause network downtime.

Polar Computer Communications understands the critical nature of Service Provider (SP) networks, which depend on extremely high network availability.

Our engineers and technicians are experienced in the provision of SP Professional Network Services and are used to understanding the requirements of the public network arena.

Our highly skilled security consultants have carried out security vulnerability assessments, (including technology and operational security readiness testing), and strategic consulting on behalf of major SPs and ISPs.

Our security consultants have carried our detailed analysis of SP infrastructures to reduce the risks of DoS and hacking as a result of thorough knowledge of how Service Provider networks are built.

From the design of high availability networks, to selection, provision and integration of authentication, billing and management systems, our designers have delivered some of the largest managed network infrastructure projects on behalf of the world’s leading Telcos and Manufacturers.

Our staff can provide 24x7 support for Telcos, Manufacturers, Professional Services Providers and Managed Network Services Providers.

Our experience, breadth and depth of knowledge, puts us at the forefront of the industry when it comes to delivering and supporting high availability Service Provider network services.

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